I’m the editor of FLYP, the first true multimedia publication online. It’s more than a magazine: It’s a way of combining video, audio, animation, interactivity and text into a new kind of storytelling and a content model for the future of digital publishing.

I came to FLYP after a 30-year editorial career, during which I was the managing editor of People, Time and Life magazines. At each of those publications, I established several new online and multimedia ventures, including a television show and book program at People; network specials and custom publishing at Life; and at Time a classroom edition and Time.com, the first newsmagazine online.

After leaving Time Inc. as the corporate editor in 1997, I created Travel & Leisure/Golf as a publishing consultant for American Express Publishing. I also consulted for other publishers in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, and wrote books.

Despite three decades of media-industry experience, I’ve had to relearn, unlearn and recast everything I thought I knew when I came to FLYP a year ago, and I’m having more fun now than I ever had before.

This is a bad time for a lot of my colleagues in what is derisively termed “old media,” but I know for a fact that we have an exhilarating future ahead of us. The art and craft of storytelling is what my whole career has been about, as a magazine editor, journalist, and author, and as I see it, the future of storytelling is about having a whole lot more arrows in the quiver. We just need to remember why we got into this work in the first place, and remember, too, that it’s not what we put on the page (screen) that matters. It’s what gets into our readers (users) heads.

You can find me on Twitter: @jamesrgaines
Check out what we are doing over at FLYP


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